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Carrier Solutions

In today's competitive telecom world, Carriers are experiencing steady depletion in revenues due to declining margins from voice offerings and increased subscriber churn. As a result, operators are looking for new ways to augment their revenues by offering innovative services. These services enrich the mobile user experience, like text messaging, caller ring tones, keeping track of a group, location-based services and call screening. There is also a growing awareness among carriers to reduce roaming costs incurred by their subscribers on other networks. Sacaya addresses all the above and many more demands by providing a rich array of industry-proven products:

Sacaya's products are based on a single, SPACE Service Delivery Platform (SDP). Sacaya SPACE SDP is open standards based, network agnostic, integrated application development platform that facilities rapid service creation and deployment. This platform is a one time investment and hosts all the current and future products. The SPACE SDP is designed to accelerate profitability, dramatically shorten time-to-market, and significantly increase ROI. It also avoids costly network overhauls and is highly scalable to serve customer bases beginning in the thousands growing to the millions.