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At Sacaya, we understand that no customer problem is trivial. We are committed to provide a quality 24x7 Customer Care and resolve technical issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our state of the art lab facility in Bangalore houses a 24x7 manned Network Operation Center (NOC) to remotely monitor all our installations globally. Our global knowledgebase of dealing with intricate integration, deployment and operations issues saves time and money for our customers and frees them up to focus on their core business. Our highly-qualified team of network professionals at the NOC provides after-sales remote support.

To better serve our North American customers in the event of emergency onsite help, we have trained specialist in our Dallas facility to assist them in onsite installation, maintenance and operational support. Training sessions will be arranged for your engineering staff on our complete products portfolio at our Dallas location.

Sacaya offers product support services through two mechanisms; on-site at the customers' network (ON-SITE) or through REMOTE help.

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For any issue/problem, we request you to fill out this form. Please provide us with any information that will help us resolve the issue - configuration setup, transaction logs etc. In the response, we will email a Problem Resolution (PR) number which you can use in any future discussion of the topic.
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