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Telecom Services

Network Equipment Provider (NEPs) and operators face increasing competition and market pressure to deliver highly reliable application and services that create extraordinary value. They must bring these applications to market quickly to retain market share and create additional revenues while minimizing capital expenditures for their service provider customer. This daunting task is made more challenging by the fact that many established NEPs and operators have a shortage of in-house experts who can develop complex services based on SS7 and/or Next Gen Signaling protocols

Our professional services, combined with the proven signaling software development environment, enables customers to accelerate product development and concentrate on their core business: The development and deployment of new revenue producing applications. Our experienced staff provides a wide variety of services, including:

We, as an experienced partner, understand what it takes to develop and deploy applications in today's competitive environment. This allows companies to more efficiently staff their projects and/or transition signaling software technology into the organization. All the professional services complement our core products.